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See the Potteries section for the Brislington Pottery.

Thomas Dickson succeeded his wife Sarah Bennett II at the Brislington Pottery.  It is not known how long he was involved with the Pottery although he is recorded as exporting pottery until at least 1721.  Also it is not known when Thomas Taylor became involved in the operation of the Brislington Pottery.  Between 1723 and 1729 he had three children baptised in Brislington church and the Brislington Highway Rates for 1722-23 record ‘Taylor at ye pothouse’.  In the Poll Books of 1734 and 1739 he was listed as a gallypotmaker at Brislington.

1690-c1723 Thomas Dickson ran the Brislington Pottery.
c1723-33 Thomas Dickson and Thomas Taylor may have been in partnership at the Brislington Pottery.  However, Thomas Dickson may have retired from the Pottery by 1723 or was helping to finance the operation until his death.

Dickson died in 1733 and Thomas Taylor carried on alone at the Brislington Pottery.


He was the widower of Sarah Bennett II who was the daughter of Robert Bennett II and the step-daughter of Robert Wastfield.

1662 13 Jun. The birth of Thomas Dickson, son of Miles and Joan Dickson (QR SF/R1/2).
1685 1 Mar. Thomas Dickson of this city, linendraper, and Sarah Bennet, signified their intention of marriage and desire to accomplish the same in the way and manner of Friends.  Joan Dixson mother of the said Thomas is present and doth approve of such their intentions.  The guardians of Sarah also have signified their consent to this preceeding viz. James Cole, Richard Sneed, and Thomas Callowhill (QR SF/A7/1).
1685 15 Mar. Thomas Dixson in pursuance of his former proposals of Marriage with Sarah Bennet attended this meeting and nothing appearing to us meet to obstruct them they have the consent of the meeting to publish ye banns amongst Friends as have been usual (QR SF/A7/1).
1685 1 Apr. Thomas Dickson married Sarah Bennett (QR). Sarah was the daughter of Robert II and Sarah Bennett and step-daughter of Robert Wastfield.
1690 26 Oct. Sarah Dickson of Trinity parish wife of Thomas, buried (QR).
1694 19 Oct. This Indenture Triptite made the nineteenth day of October in the Sixth yeere of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and Mary … Anno Dom. 1694 Between Thomas Dickson of the City of Bristoll Linendraper and John Bennett of the Same City Cooper Brother and heire of Robert Bennett the younger late of Brislington … Gallypotmaker deceased who was eldest Son and heire of Robert Bennett the elder late of the Same place Gallypotmaker dec’d of the first pte Charles Jones the younger of the same City aforesaid mchant and James Crofts of the Same City mchant of the second part And William Day of the Middle Temple London Gent of the third part Whereas the said Thomas Dickson (as Haveing intermarried with Sarah the only child of the said Robert Bennett the younger who is Since dead and as haveing had issue by her which is Since likewise dead) claimeth an estate for terme of his naturall life By Courtesy of England of and in the Sevall lands and hereditamts hereinafter released and conveyed with their apptenances The revcon and inheritance whereof to the Said John Bennett and the heires of his body belongeth witnesseth now this indenture.  That for the ending of all Suites and differences between the said Thomas Dickson and John Bennett touching the Same lands and pmisses and for docking the entayle of and in the Said premises And for ten Shillings of Lawfull money of England to them the Said Thomas Dickson and John Bennett in hand by the Said William Day well and truly satisfied and paid … They the said Thomas Dickson and John Bennett have and either of them hath granted bargained Sold aliened enfeoffed released conveyed and confirmed And by these psents doe and either of them doth grante bargaine sell alien and enfeoffe release convey and confirme to the said William Day … All that pcell of pasture ground now divided into three closes upon part whereof was lately erected a messuage and tenemt wherein the Said Robert Bennett the elder lately dwelt with other housing thereto adjoining and belonging Scituate lying and being in Birtchwood within the Said pish of Brislington … conteyning in the whole by estimatcon twelve acres (be it more or less) heretofore in the occupacon of one Thomas Woodroofe and afterwards of Mary Browne widow and late in the tenure of the Said Robert Bennett the elder who purchased the Same (amongst other lands) of and from Rowland Lacy of Shipton under Whitchwood in the County of Oxon. Esq Att and under the yearly fee farme rent of Three pounds Seaventeen Shillings and ten pence … And alsoe All that messuage tenemt and Cottage Scituate and being in Brislington … aforesaid called or knowne by the name of the Royall oake late in the tenure or accupacon of one Thomas Watts Also all that one close of meadow or pasture ground commonly called or knowne by the name of the Moore conteyning by estmacon two acres (be it more or less) with the withy bed in or neere the Same ground and belonging thereunto And bounded with the land now or late of William Shelton on or towards the East part, the land now or late of Henry Suttons on or towards the west part of the River of Avon there on or towards the north part and the Land now or late of the said Robert Bennett the elder next after menconed on or towards the South pte thereof And Alsoe All that one other close or meadow or pasture ground commonly called or knowne by the name of the Moore conteyning by estimacon two acres (be it more or less) with the withy bed to the Same alsoe adjoining and belonging bounded with the land of Thomas Daniel on or towards the East pte the said River of Avon on or towards the north pte and the land now or late of the said Robert Bennett the elder on or towards the South pte thereof All which Said messuage or tenemt Cottage and closes of ground last menconed are lying and being at or near the Said place called Birtchwood within the pish of Brislington … and were purchased by the said Robert Bennett the younger of and from Elizabeth Shelton of London widow and William Shelton of London mchant tayler her Son … To the uses intents and purposes hereinafter menconed (that is to say) To the use of the Said Thomas Dickson for and dureing the terme of his naturall life and from and after his decease To the use of the said John Bennett his heires and Assignes forever and to none other use intent or purpose whatsoever … [signed] Thomas Dickson John Bennett Charles Jones James Croft Wm. Daye.
(SRO DD/BR/tb 7)
1696 He married Sarah Reynolds (QR).
1707 3 Nov. At the request of the Meeting 30th of 2nd mo. past, moving this meeting to intercede between Thomas Dixon and Thomas Frank; Charles Jones, Edward Lloyd, Peter Young and Richard Champion, to entreat Thomas Dixon and Thomas Frank to agree and end the differences between themselves, or to choose two or more indifferent persons to hear and deliberate the same and return what it effects to the next meeting (Copy of Pountney 1920, annotated by the author, Bristol City Museum).
1707-14 He was described as a gallypotmaker (A).
1707-21 He was exporting earthenware to Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and Boston (PB-EXP). (Note: not all Port Books have been studied).
1718 15 May. Agreed … with Thomas Dickson that in consideration of a surrender to be by him made of a Messuage late Allice Huntington now in the tenure of Ann Phillipps as tenant to the said Thomas Dickson from Lady day last for 99 yeares … (Temple Ag 3(1)). See also Alice Huntington.
1733 7 Sep. Thomas Dickson buried (QR).
1734 14 May. He was deceased when his apprentice, John Bush, took his freedom (F, G).
He took as apprentice:
With his wife Sarah:
Daniel Snow, 28 Dec 1707 (A,Ar) – 6 Apr 1715 (F, G)
John Bush, 30 Sep 1710 (A,Ao,Ar) – 14 May 1734 (F, G)
John Cornish, 28 Sep 1713 (A,Ao,Ar) – 17 Nov 1722 (F, G)
John Niglett, 11 May 1714 (A,AO,Ar) – 29 Nov 1722 (F, G)
Robert Evans I, 25 Nov 1714 (A,Ao,Ar) – 13 Oct 1722 (F, G)
Richard Riley, 21 Feb 1716/17 (A,Ao.Ar) – 1 May 1727 (F, G)
Rate Book Entries:
Property 1 (Brislington):
1686 James Cole or occuprs. for farthings (Brislington-Ch/1)
1689-1725 Thomas Dixon or occupr. for farthings (Brislington-PR,Ch/1 & S/1)
1730 Thomas Dixon or Tho Taylor occupier (Brislington-Ch/1)

Property 2 (Brislington):
(1694-1725) Thomas Dixon or occupr. p. Bisweekes (Brislington-PR, Ch/1 & S/1)
1730 Thomas Dixon for Bisweekes or Tho. Taylor occupier (Brislington-Ch/1)

Property 3 (Brislington):
He took over St Anne’s mill from Thomas Frank I
(1707-13) Thos. Dickson for St. Anns Mill
(1714-16) The occuprs. of St. Anns Mill
(1717-18 Thomas Dickson for St. Anns Mill (all Brislington-PR)
c.1709-25 Thos. Dickson for Tans/St. Anns Mill (Brislington-Ch/1)

Property 4 (Temple parish):
1686 Thomas Dixon for ye potters house
1688 of Mr. Dixon for Washfields house
1690 Re’d of Tho. Dixson for Washfields house
1691 Re’d of Mr. Thomas Dickson for the house that was Mr. Washfield de’d
1692-1709 Mr. Thomas Dixon for Washfield’s house
1726-1738 Richard Bragg was paying rent on Dickson’s house (all Temple-Ch)
1694 Mr. Thos. Dixson for Mr. Washfield’s house
1696 Mr. Washfield for house payd by Thomas Dixon
1699 Mr. Dixon for Washfields house (all Temple Af 1(5))


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