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The son of John and Ann Crinks of Crew’s Hole, labourer (BRO Will 1770 of Sarah Powell and BRO Will 1796 of William Crinks).

1782 17 May. A potmaker of St George, Gloucestershire, he was granted a licence to marry Sarah Jones of St George, at St George.  Bondsman: William Hamblin, St Augustine’s parish, potmaker (M).
1785 25 Mar. Charles, son of Samuel Crinks of Bread Street, potmaker, baptised (PPR).
1787 17 Nov. He witnessed the apology given by John Howell, potter, for assaulting an officer of St Peter’s Hospital (BMBJ).
1792 Potmaker, John Street, St Philip’s (RD).
1793-97 Potmaker and mason for glass works, St Philip’s (MD).
1798 Potmaker and mason for glass works, Crew’s Hole (MD).
1798 3 May. ‘Died last week at his house in Crewshole, Mr Samuel Crinks, many years a master potter and furnace builder at St Philip’s Glassworks, a man of integrity and uprightness, and much esteemed by all his aquaintances’ (BG).
1800 27 Nov. He was described as a potter, late of Bristol, when his son Samuel, was apprenticed to J. Alden, a butcher (A).
Rate book entries:
21 Dec 1790-21 Dec 1791 Saml. Crinks, Three Crown Lane (St Philip’s-LS)
29 Sep 1796-29 Sep 1797 Saml. Crinks John Street (St Philip’s-Wa)
27 Sep 1801-29 Sep 1802 Widw. Crinks John Street (St Philip’s-Wa).


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