COX William

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Born c1801 in Whitchurch, Somerset (51C).

1818 23 Jul.  He was apprenticed to John and Susannah Duffett (A, Ao).
1824-26 Temple parish (TPR).
1828-35 Bedminster (PPR, TPR).
1830 Colston Street, Bedminster (P).
1832 Colston Street, Bedminster (P).
1832 & 34 Colston Street, Bedminster (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1835 Colston Street, Bedminster (P).
1837 Colston Street, Bedminster (P).
1837-38 Temple parish (TPR).
1841 31 Jan. Bedminster (TPR).
1841 3 Colston Street, Bedminster (P).
1841 Colston Street, Bedminster (40), potter, born in county, living with his wife Ann (40) born in county, and children (41C).
1843 10 Dec. St Mary Redcliffe parish (TPR).
1846-48 Temple parish (TPR).
1848 18 Jun. He was noted as a potter when his son William was apprenticed to Joseph Radford, brassfounder (A).
1851 Potter brown ware, 3 Colston Street, Bedminster (50) (51C).
1852 Colston Street, Bedminster (P).
1854 12 Jan. Noted as a potter when his daughter Esther Cox married George Dando, shoe maker (SPR).
1855 22 Apr. Noted as a potter when his son William Henry Cox (20) of Colston Street, brassfounder, married Mary Ann O’Burn (JBPR).
1858 13 Oct.  Colston Street (54) widower the son of John Cox, haulier, he married Lydia Ruddock (46) widow of Colston Street (JBPR).
1861 Potter, Cranham, Gloucestershire (58), living with his wife Lydia (49), born in Frome, Somerset, and daughter Harriet (14) (61C).
1871 Potter, The Potteries, Green Lane, Tottenham, London (67), living with his wife Lydia (59) (71C).
1876 14 Oct. Noted as a potter when his son William Henry Cox of Totterdown, gasfitter, married Eliza Julia Hemmings (JBPR).
1881 Potter of garden flower pots, unemployed, Cottage at The Potteries, Green Lane, Tottenham (78), living with his wife Lydia (71) (81C).
Mary Ann, bapt 10 Oct 1824 (TPR), Amelia, bapt 25 Dec 1826 (TPR), Edwin, bapt 2 Nov 1828 (PPR), Hester, bapt 12 Sep 1830 (PPR), Alfred, bapt 17 Feb 1833 (PPR), William Henry, bapt 1 Mar 1835 (TPR), Amelia, bapt 26 Feb 1837 (TPR), Matilda Ann, bapt 30 Sep 1838 (TPR), Matilda Ann, bapt 31 Jan 1841 (TPR), Rosa Isabella, bapt 10 Dec 1843 (TPR), Alfred John, bapt 6 May 1846 (TPR), Harriet Elizabeth, Bapt 16 Apr 1848 (TPR)


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