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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 6.

(The directories spell Cole’s christian name as ‘Francis’, suggesting that the person was a male. However, the tithe apportionment of 1842 shows that it was a female ‘Frances’ who owned the Pottery.  This was almost certainly Frances Cole, the widow of John Cole I).

The Pottery had previously been run by her husband, John Cole I.

1836-55 Frances Cole ran the St Philip’s Pottery 6.

After her death in August 1855 the Pottery was taken over by her son, Thomas Homans Cole.


Born c1786 in London, the wife of John Cole I (41C).

1820-22 ‘Francis Cole’, Potter, aged about 40 years (Methodist Class Book).
1836 F. Cole exported stoneware to Jersey (PB-EXP).
1836-49 Francis Cole, brown stone and red ware potter, St Philip’s Marsh (MD).
1838 10 Sep. Redware potter, St Philip’s Marsh (Ao).
1841 ‘Pottery’, 4 Marsh Buildings, St Philip’s Marsh, St Philip’s parish (55), living with her children Fanny (22) and Elizabeth (9), both born in Bristol (41C).
1842 Tithe apportionment, St Philip and Jacob parish. Owner: ‘Francis’ Cole, Occupier: Herself, no.1217 Pottery and Yard, no.1218 Garden and Shed, no.1219 (occupier: Isaac Tracey) House and Garden, etc (BRO EP/A/32/10).
1850-53 Francis Cole, brick and tile manufacturer, brown stone and redware potter, St Philip’s Marsh (MD).
1851 Potter, 1 Cole Lane, St Philip’s parish (65) widow (51C).
1854-56 Francis Cole, brown stone and redware potter, St Philip’s Marsh (MD).
1855 11 Aug. Died on 7 Aug, aged 80, Mrs Frances Cole of St Philip’s Marsh Pottery (Bristol Mercury).
Apprentice: John Richard, 10 Sep 1838 (Ao).

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