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See the Potteries section for the Limekiln Lane Pottery 1.

He took over Limekiln Lane Pottery 1 from William Pottery and John Weaver.

1735-38 Charles Christopher ran the Limekiln Lane Pottery 1.

The Pottery was void in 1738 but Josiah Bundy took over in 1739.


1735 22 May. ‘Henry Hurd agst John Smith potter works at Mr Christophers, Lime Kiln Lane’ (C).
1736 6 May. ‘William Pytts agt Peter Griffins at Christophers pothouse in Lime Kiln Lane’ (C).
1739 19 Apr. His apprentices, James Grant and John Bowen, were transferred to Josiah and Elizabeth Bundy (A).
1781 20 Feb. He was dead when John Harris II obtained his freedom (F, G).
With wife Mary:
John Grace II, 8 Jan 1736 (A)
John Coggswell, 8 Jan 1736 (A)
James Grant, 8 Jan 1736 – transferred 19 Apr 1739 (A)
John Bowen, 8 Jan 1736 – transferred 19 Apr 1739 (A)
John Harris II, 8 Jan 1736 (A) – 20 Feb 1781 (F, G)
Tax book entries:
[1736-1737] ‘Mr Christopher for ye Pott-house’ Cow/Limekiln Lane (St Augustine’s-L)
[29 Sep 1737-29 Sep 1738] ‘Christophers Pothouse void’ Cow/Limekiln Lane (St Augustine’s-L)


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