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See the Potteries List section for the Tower Harratz Pottery.

Champneys was a merchant who built a Pottery next to Tower Harratz (part of the medieval defences of Bristol) in Temple parish by 1695.  It was the earliest recorded pottery in Bristol to have manufactured stoneware. By 1698, the Pottery was noted as ‘void’, and it must have been in operation for only a very short period. It is not known which master potter was working there.

c1695-98 Richard Champneys was involved in the Tower Harratz Pottery.

The Pottery does not seem to have worked after 1698.

For a report on stoneware waste from this Pottery, see Jackson, R. 2003. Late 17th-century stoneware waste from the Tower Harratz Pottery, Bristol. Journal of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology 37/2, 217-220.


1694 17 Dec. ‘Then agreed with Mr Richard Champnies That there shalle at next Generall Sealing granted him a Lease of all those ruinous and decayed Storehouses housings and buildings near and adjoining to Tower Harris in the parish of Temple between Templeback and Templemeades and reaching from the round Tower which Tower is not to be granted there downe to the River with the materials thereon and all appurtenances thereto belonging …’ (BB).
1695 28 Sep. A lease between Mayor, Burgesses and Commonalty of Bristol and Richard Champneys of Bristol, merchant, ‘in consideration of the great costs and charges which the said Richard Champneys hath been at in erecting building and repairing the Storehouse or Warehouse and Workhouse hereinafter intended to be demised or granted … And by these present doe demise granted & to farm lett and sett to the said Richard Champneys All that great Warehouse, storehouse adjoining and next to the great round Tower called Tower Harris [Tower Harratz] … and the Lofts and Buildings over the same warehouse or storehouse.  And also the workehouse by the said Richard Champneys lately built intended for Pottmaking to the same great warehouse or storehouse adjoining’.  The lease was held on the lives of Richard Champneys and John William Champneys of Orchardley [Orchardleigh], Somerset (BRO ETD 00020).
1689 Richard Champneys, St Werburgh parish (BRO Rate 1 William & Mary c.3).
1696 Richard Champneys, widower, St Werburgh parish (Ralph & Williams 1968, 222).
1698 1st and 2nd quarters. ‘Richard Champnyes for the Potthouse voide’ Temple parish (BRO Rate 9 Will III c.10).
1699 29 Jul. Richard Champneys ‘for and in consideration of the sume of ninety pounds to him in hand by John Day the eldr. merchant Robert Bound shipp-wright and James Holledge mchant all of the City of Bristoll … doth grant … unto them the said John Day Robert Bound & James Holledge All and singular the said great warehouse or storehouse, the said lofts and buildings over the Same warehouse …’ (BRO 00017).
1700 9 Feb. Probably the Richard Champneys who married Mary Morris at St Michael’s church (Ancestry website).
1701 9 Dec. Probably the Richard Champneys whose daughter Mary was baptised at St Michael’s church (Ancestry website).


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