BUNDY Josiah

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See the Potteries List section for the Limekiln Lane Pottery 1.

He succeeded Charles Christopher at the Pottery.

1739-c41 Josiah Bundy ran the Limekiln Lane Pottery 1.

It is not known exactly how long he worked at the Pottery but he died in 1741. The Pottery appears to have closed after his death.


The son of Joseph Bundy of Bristol, confectioner (A).

1724 27 Apr. He was apprenticed to John and Hester Weaver.  Friends to find apparel (A, Ao, Ar).
1731 15 May. He became a free gallypotmaker (F, G).
1734 Gallypotmaker, St Augustine’s parish (P).
1739 Potmaker, St Augustine’s parish (P).
1739 ‘John Plomer of Bishford, Somerset, late Joane Bailey holds several tenemts in Cow Lane in possession of Josiah Bundy and Co …’ (BRO 04240(1)).
1739 9 Apr. Potmaker, Limekiln Lane (Ao).
1739 19 Apr. He took over the apprenticeship of John Bowen and James Grant from Charles Christopher (A).
1739 31 Oct. Potter, Limekiln Lane (Ao).
1739 ‘By Mr Bundy’s note p. Chimney tile for Kempsey’s House 15s’ (BRO P/St Aug/ChW/1(d)).
1741 9 Nov. His apprentices, George Drewett and William Garland, were transferred to James Gaynard as Bundy had died and his wife had left the trade (A).
With wife Elizabeth:
George Drewett, 9 Apr 1739 (A, Ao, Ar) – transferred 9 Nov 1741 (A).
James Grant, 19 Apr 1739 (A)
John Bowen, 19 Apr 1739 (A)
William Garland, 31 Oct 1739 (A, Ao, Ar) – transferred 9 Nov 1741 (A)
Tax book entries:
1739-40 ‘Josiah Bundy for Tenemt. & Pothouse’ Cow Lane & Limekiln Lane (St Augustine’s-L)

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