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See the Potteries List section for the St Thomas Street Pottery 4.

1832 Thomas Bullock and Son seem to have briefly run the St Thomas Street Pottery 4.

The son was presumably the Thomas Bullock II, apprenticed in 1822.

The Pottery was advertised for sale in October 1832 having ‘lately fitted up’ the premises at considerable expense.  It does not seem to have been used as a pottery after that date.


1797 A common sewer in Temple parish adjoined a property in Tower Street, occupied by Thomas Bullock, potter (Q).
1822 23 Sep. Noted as a potter when his son, Thomas, was apprenticed to J.D. Pountney (A).
1830 Water Lane, Temple parish (P).
1832 Water Lane, Temple parish (P).
1832-33 Earthenware potter, 95 Thomas Street (MD).
1832 & 34 Water Lane, Temple parish (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1832 18 & 25 Oct. ‘Earthen-ware pottery. To let, all that eligible, compact, and convenient earthen-ware pottery, with the dwelling-house attached thereto, situate in Thomas Street, and lately in the occupation of Messrs. Thomas Bullock & Son, who have been obliged to give up the business from want of sufficient capital for carrying on with advantage.  The premises have been lately fitted up at considerable expense, and as every necessary apparatus has been left, together with the fixtures, moulds, etc., etc. (which may be taken at a valuation) the pottery can be put to work immediately.  This affords an excellent opportunity for the employment of a small capital, as it is well known that the supply of earthenware manufactured in Bristol is quite unequal to the demand’ (BG).
1848 30 May. Noted as a potter when his daughter Margaret Chapple, widow, of Milk Street, married George Merrick, an engineer (PaPR).


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