BRYAN George John

Posted on: October 6th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1843 in Bristol, the son of John Charles Bryan (61C).

1861 Millpond Street, St Philip’s parish (18), living with his parents John and Mary Elizabeth Bryan (61C).
1871 Pottery manager, 50 Capel Street, Newport, South Wales (28), living with his wife Florence Mary (28), born in Newport, and children Ernest (2) and George H. (1), both born in Newport (71C).
1881 Pottery manager, Florence Villa, 4 Beaconsfield Road, St George (38), living with his wife Florence Mary (38) and children Ernest Vigor (11) and George Herbert (10), all born in Newport, Monmouthsire (81C).
1911 His wife was a widow (91C).

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