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The son of Meshach Brittan of Devizes, Wiltshire, woolstapler (A).

1750 2 Jan. He was apprenticed to Thomas II and Bathsheba Cantle Cantle, with £10 the gift of the Wiltshire Society in Bristol.  Friends to find apparel (A, Ao, Ar).
1757 14 Mar. He became a free potter (F, G).
1774 Potter, Castle Precincts (P).
1775 He was the foreman at Richard Chamption’s Pottery in Castle Green (Owen 1873, 14).  He spoke for Champion when a request for an extension of Champion’s patent for the manufacture of porcelain was presented to Parliament.  In his examination, Brittan stated that he had ‘great Experience in several China Manufactures, and has made several Trials, upon all those which had been manufactured in England …’ (Owen 1873, 116).
1776 18 Apr. He was described as a servant to Richard Champion, when he gave a statement concerning the theft of china from Champion’s Pottery (Q).  For full details of this statement see Richard Champion.
1780 26 Jul. and 7 Aug. He was described as a china manufacturer when his son, Francis and Meshach, were apprenticed to a draper and a cordwainer (A).
1781 Potter, Castle Precincts (P).
1804 9 Aug. He was buried in the Unitarian Burial Ground, Brunswick Square, Bristol, aged 69 (Owen 1873, 201).
With wife Jane
Edward Stephens, 17 Jul 1776 (A, Ao).


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