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See the Potteries List section for the 131 Temple Street Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by John Bright I alone.

1831-40 Joseph Bright I ran the 131 Temple Street Pottery, with his brother, John Bright I, trading as J. & J. Bright.

In October 1840 Joseph Bright I advertised that he had ended the partnership with his brother and that he was going to operate the business on his own.

1840-48 Joseph Bright I ran the 131 Temple Street Pottery alone.

Joseph Bright I died in February 1848. The Pottery was then run by his daughters, Jane and Ann Bright.


Born c1776, the brother of John Bright I, and the father of Joseph Bright Ii, Jane, Ann, Arthur and Daniel Bright (A, 41C, Bristol Times).

1807 2 Feb. Apprenticed to John I and Hester Bright (A).
1816 25 Feb. Potter, Bedminster (JaPR).
1816 22 Dec. Potter, Temple parish (JaPR).
1818 11 Jun. Took his freedom (F).
1820 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1830 Temple Street (P).
1831-40 J. & J. Bright, stoneware potters and patent water pipe manufacturers, 131 Temple Street (MD).
1832 Temple Street (P).
1832 & 34 Temple Street, Temple parish (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1836 Pottery, 30 Temple Street (WL).
1837 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1840 13 Oct. Noted as a potter when his daughter Harriet, a dressmaker, married William Strong of Stapleton Road, a musician (HTPR).
1840 24 Oct. ‘The original stoneware pottery and patent water pipe manufactory, opposite Temple Church, Temple Street. Joseph Bright in returning thanks for favours received whilst in partnership with his brother, Mr John Bright, begs to inform his friends and the public, that he intends continuing in the business of a stoneware potter in all its branches on his own account and respectfully solicits continuance of their patronage and support. 131 Temple Street’ (Bristol Times).
1840-48 Joseph Bright, stoneware potter and patent water pipe manufacturer, 131 Temple Street (MD, Bristol Times)
1841-49 Joseph Bright, stoneware potter and patent water pipe manufacturer, 131 Temple Street (MD).
1841 Potter, Temple Street (65) born in Bristol, living with his children Daniel (30), potter, Jane (25), Ann (20) and Arthur (24) all born in Bristol (41C).
1841 Temple Street, Temple parish (either Joseph Bright I or II) (P).
1841 12 Apr. Temple Street (Ao).
1843 15 Apr. For sale ‘All those truly desirable and extensive freehold premises, situate in Temple Street … comprising a capital shop, with dwelling house and offices, and having a frontage towards the street of forty feet or thereabouts and extending in depth backwards about one hundred and eighty feet, with an excellent hauling-way thereto, and for about one hundred feet running behind the adjoining premises, where the width is about sixty feet. Together with the warehouse and lofts, four large brick kilns, sheds, drying rooms, workshops, and every other conveniences for carrying on the brown stone manufactory to a great extent; the whole now in the occupation of Mr J. Bright, brown stone ware manufacturer, by whom and his predecessors the said manufactory has been lucratively carried on upon the said premises for a long period of time’ (Bristol Times).
1848 4 Feb. He was buried at Temple church (Ancestry website).
1851 13 Dec. Noted as a potter when his daughter Ann (35) of Temple parish, married John Leworthy Yeo (40) a master mariner of Barnstaple (TPR).
1861 19 Mar. Noted as a stoneware manufacturer when his daughter Jane (49) of Bedminster, married Henry Joseph Symes (53) of Temple parish, a provision merchant (JBPR).
James Thomas Young, 12 Apr 1841 (A, Ao)
Wife Cecil (Cecill): Joseph, bapt 29 May 1803 (PPR), Daniel, bapt 31 Jan 1808 (PPR), Jane, bapt 27 Oct 1811. Wife Mary: Harriet Priscilla, bapt 25 Feb 1816 (JaPR), John Thomas, bapt 22 Dec 1816 (JaPR), Arthur, born c1817 in Bristol (41C), Ann, born c1821 in Bristol (41C)


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