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Born c1791, the son of Edward Appleford of Bristol, tobacco-cutter, deceased (51C, A).

1793 24 Nov. Probably the James Appleford baptised in St Philip’s, the son of Edward and Sarah Appleford (Ancestry website).
1806 3 Jun. Appenticed to Edward Patience with £10 from Edward Colston Q.E.H. (A, Ao).
1813 8 Apr. Married his wife, Charlotte (FM).
1816 14 Apr. Jacob Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1818 He was one of eight journeymen potters who was convicted of entering into an unlawful agreement for ‘controlling and affecting Messrs. Wm. & Thos. Powell, being persons carrying on the manufacture trade or business of a potter, in the conduct or management thereof, & severally sentenced to be imprisoned in the House of Correction for one month’.  The Bright goblet to commemorate this event was made on 4 Dec. 1818 (Bristol Museum Acc. No. 2225).  He was named as ‘Joseph Appleford’ in the newspaper report of the trial (BG).
1818 11 Jun. He became a free stone potter (F).
1819 11 Apr. Temple parish (PPR).
1821 Stone potter, Temple Back, Temple parish (P).
1821 5 Jul. Old Market, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1823-30 St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1830-35 Stone potter, Avon Street, Temple parish (P).
1832 & 34 Stone potter, Avon Street, Temple (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1835 Presumably the Edward Appleford, stone potter, Avon Street, Temple parish (P).
1837-41 Stone potter, The Dings, St Philip’s parish (P).
1839 29 Dec. Noted as a potter when his daughter, Hannah Milsom, married George Sidney, an engineer (ThPR).
1841 East Buildings, Catherine Place, St Philip’s parish (50), living with his wife Charlotte (55) and children (41C).
1841 28 Jun. Noted as a potter when his son Edward I married Mary Ann Winmill (ThPR).
1851 Potter, widower, 22 Ash Lodge, Temple parish (60), living with his son, Edward I (51C).
1852 Temple parish (P).
1853 9 Aug. Probably the James Appleford, aged 61, buried at Temple church (Ancestry website).
Sarah, born 24 Mar 1816, bapt 14 Apr 1816 (PPR), Edward, bapt 11 Apr 1819 (aged 5 mths) (PPR), Thomas, bapt 15 Jul 1821 (aged 3 wks) (PPR), James, bapt 7 Sep 1823 (aged 3 wks) (PPR), John, bapt 18 Dec 1825 (PPR), Elizabeth, bapt 5 Dec 1830 (PPR), Hannah (Milsom) (ThPR – marriage)


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