Tucker Street Pottery

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Temple parish

Summary of operating dates and proprietors

1734-1738 Paul Townsend.

The pottery closed.

Paul Townsend became a free gallypotmaker in July 1731 and by 1734 he had established and built his own ‘mugg-kiln’ in Tucker Street.  He took an apprentice as a potter in 1736 but by December 1738 he had been forced to close his pottery.  In February 1739 he petitioned the city council saying that ‘he had erected a mugg-kiln in Tucker Street … and therein expended the sum of one hundred and thirty pounds and carried on his trade there till the 19th day of December last when he was ordered to stop further working at the said kiln to which he had submitted although to his great detriment and prayed such relief in the prem’es as to the House shall deem meet …’.  He was subsequently granted £50 compensation.

By 1740 Paul Townsend had established the St Philip’s Pottery 1.

Wares produced

Paul Townsend was generally referred to as a gallypotmaker so it seems likely that the pottery was producing tin-glazed earthenware.

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