St Thomas Street Pottery 1

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St Thomas Street (originally known as Thomas Street), St Thomas parish.

Summary of operating dates and proprietors

1805-1806 James Alsop & Company.
1807 Morgan, Walker & Company.
1808-1816 W.W. Walker.
1816-1830 William & Thomas Powell.

The pottery closed. For details of the Powell family business after 1830 see under the Temple Gate Pottery.

James Alsop I had been running the 123 (or 125) Temple Street Pottery from 1781 to 1804, when it was taken over by Price and Read, and Alsop started the St Thomas Street Pottery 1.  In 1805 he was listed in the directory as trading as James Alsop and Company, brown stone potters in Thomas Street.

James Alsop I died in January 1806 and the pottery was taken over by Morgan, Walker and Company who were trading as ‘brown stone ware manufacturers’ in 1807.  By 1808 the business was being run by W.W. Walker.  Nothing else is known of W.W. Walker although he continued running the pottery until 1816.

In 1816 the pottery was being run by William and Thomas Powell who produced brown stoneware on the premises.  The Powells built up a substantial business and between 1816 and 1830 they were exporting stoneware, including stoneware bottles, to Guernsey, Jersey, Dublin, Waterford, Cork Youghall, Belfast, Limerick, Newry, Londonderry, New York, Leghorn [Livorno], Genoa, Naples, Sicily, Jamaica and Nevis.

In 1828 they patented a method for making stoneware sugar moulds.

By 1821 they had established a Stourbridge glass warehouse at Temple Gate and in March 1830 they advertised that they had moved their stoneware pottery from Thomas Street to their premises at Temple Gate.

Wares produced


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