Redcliff Street Pottery 2

Posted on: August 9th, 2016 by webfooted

Redcliff Street, St Mary Redcliffe parish.

Summary of operating dates and proprietors

c1733-c1756 Joseph Taylor I was taking apprentices and noted as a gallypotmaker in Redcliff Street.

The pottery closed.

Joseph Taylor I became a free gallypotmaker in March 1722 and was taking apprentices to the trade between 1733 and 1756.

He was variously described as a gallypotmaker, a mugmaker and a potter living in St Mary Redcliffe parish and more specifically in Redcliff Street.  He was paying rates on at least two properties in Redcliff Street, one of which was described as a ‘shop over ye way’ and another as a warehouse.  The warehouse was ‘void’ in September 1756 and he last paid rates on another property in Redcliff Street in September 1759 suggesting he was either dead or had moved away after that date.

The fact that he was taking apprentices and was paying rates on a shop and warehouse strongly suggests that he was operating a pottery in Redcliff Street.

Wares produced

Probably tin-glazed earthenwares, although the reference to him being a ‘mugmaker’ indicates he may also have been producing stonewares.

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