Redcliff Back Pottery 2

Posted on: August 9th, 2016 by webfooted

Redcliff Back, St Mary Redcliffe parish.

Summary of operating dates and proprietors

c1756-c1759 John Harwell.
c1759-1760 Richard Frank.

The pottery closed.

The poor rate books from March 1756 to March 1759 referred to ‘John Harwell’s warehouse and tenement’ on Redcliff Back and the lamp and scavenging rate books for September 1760 to September 1761 recorded the same premises as ‘John Harwell’s pothouse and tenements’.

John Harwell had become a free gallypotmaker in 1740 and in 1754 the poll book noted him as a gallypotmaker in St Mary Redcliffe parish.  He took an apprentice in February or March 1758 suggesting that he was then operating his own pottery.

The rate books are confusing about when Harwell left the Redcliff Back Pottery 2 as, although the lamp and scavenging rate book listed it as his pothouse between 1760 and 1761, both the poor rate and the watch rate show it as occupied between March 1759 and September 1760 as ‘Richard Frank pothouse & tenement’, ‘Richard Frank stone pot house’ or ‘Richard Frank’s small pot house’.

Between September 1760 and September 1761 it was listed as ‘Richard Frank’s pot house void’ and then between September 1761 and September 1762 as ‘Step. Bagg warehouse late Franks’.

It is clear that the Redcliff Back Pottery 2 operated for only a short time and had gone out of use by September 1760.

Wares produced

Probably tin-glazed earthenwares and, under Richard Frank, stonewares.

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