Lawrence Hill Pottery

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Lawrence Hill, St Philip and Jacob parish.

Summary of operating dates and proprietors

c1808-c1845 Uriah Alsop I.

There is also a reference to an Ann Cantle working in Lawrence Hill in 1819.
There are no subsequent references to the pottery.

Uriah Alsop I was first noted as a potter in Lawrence Hill in the Tolzey Court records for March 1808.  He was also recorded as a potter in Lawrence Hill in the poll books and street directories from 1808 to 1830 and in the lists of electors for 1832 and 1834.  He took his son Uriah Alsop II as an apprentice in 1823.

He was noted as a stoneware potter on the marriage of his daughter in January 1845, but this does necessarily mean he was still alive.  There is a record of Uriah Alsop, aged 62, being buried in Bristol in 1832, although this is contradicted by his appearance in the 1834 list of electors, suggesting perhaps that the Uriah Alsop buried in 1832 was not the potter.

Wares produced


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